UBVU bibles involved in CrowdSourcing project of INVENiT²

At the present time, the INVENiT² team is focussing on annotating emotions to eighteenth-century picture bibles that have been digitised by the VU University Library (UBVU). The UBVU possesses one of the biggest collections of Dutch protestant bibles. Among the UBVU Bible Collection are picture bibles that were illustrated by the world renowned artists Romeyn de Hooghe and Bernard Picart. Two of such picture bibles will be used for this project. The INVENiT² team is currently setting up a CrowdSourcing project to annotate illustrations in these picture bibles.

Before starting on this part of the project, the team met with several experts. On Friday, the 13th of March, Inger Leemans, Sebastien Valkenberg, and Leon Wessels hosted a meeting with VU professors Johan Koppenol and August den Hollander, experts in the field of Early Modern literature and the history of religious books, respectively. Both experts provided valuable information on how to use eighteenth-century picture bibles as sources for the history of emotions. On Monday, the 16th of March, Sebastien and Leon met with Nicoline van der Sijs, professor in variational linguistics at Radboud University and researcher at the Meertens Institute. Nicoline shared some of her experience in managing CrowdSourcing projects. The INVENiT team highly appreciates the input it receives from various experts and uses the input to direct the project.

Academy assistants Cristina-Iulia Bucur and Leon Wessels wanted to become acquainted with the picture bibles that will be used for the upcoming CrowdSourcing project. Therefore, they went to the Special Collections department of the UBVU where they studied the aforementioned picture bibles in the reading room. They found it very interesting to touch, admire, and analyse hundreds of years old picture bibles.

You can look at the digitised picture bibles that will be part of the CrowdSourcing project by using the following link.


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