INVENiT² team presents at Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

On Friday the 26th of June, the INVENiT² team held a presentation at the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam. The Rijksmuseum possesses a world renowned collection of art. Many scholars use the collection for their research. Cristina and Leon showed how the use of Linked Data benefits both museums and the Digital Humanities.

Firstly, Leon introduced the Digital Humanities as a relatively new field in which scholars use computational methods to solve research questions concerning human culture. Based on conversations with various experts during the INVENiT² project, he formulated a number of conditions that should be met in order to create an ideal research environment for the Digital Humanities. Linking data could help realizing such an environment.


Secondly, Cristina explained the technical aspects of Linked Data. She demonstrated how Linked Data helped answering research questions within our own project. Moreover, datasets are hardly ever finished. The creation of new (meta)data is an ongoing process. Thanks to Linked Data, institutions are better prepared for future technological development.


The presentation led to a lively discussion. Attendees – among whom curators, cataloguers, and data managers – were thrilled about the opportunities of Linked Data for future projects. Nevertheless, there are still some technical challenges to overcome before an ideal environment for Digital Humanities research can be created.

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